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Surf on the Go!

It is not only another crypto wallet. Go on-ramp, pay, and invest in just a few clicks!

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  • Security Like Never Before

    Say goodbye to seed phrase today! With industry-leading MPC wallet cryptography, never lose access to your crypto.

  • Privacy First

    Surf doesn’t track any personal identifiable information, your account addresses, or asset balances.

  • All-in-One for Your Crypto

    Pay anywhere with your crypto, earn up to 5% yield on your crypto, and discover thousands of Dapps.

  • Smart Treasury Management for Teams

    Secure your team's treasury with multi-sig and streaming payments.

    Coming soon
  • Multi-sig Wallet

    Grow your business securely! Set team approvals and easily make team decisions to build trust with shared treasury ownership. Customize multisig for all custom workflows.

  • Streaming Payments

    Surf streaming payments increase payroll safety and efficiency. Pay your team or community with safe and seamless crypto transactions.

  • Token Vesting

    Safely lock tokens away for durations of your choosing. Set cliff dates and transfer/cancel active streams as needed. Great for investor or team token lockups.

  • Latest Updates

    All the latest news and updates about Surf.

  • Surf Wallet, the first community-based wallet...

    Surf Wallet, the first community-based wallet launched on Sui blockchain New York, Nov. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- To buoy the Sui ecosystem, Surf...


  • Sui Network, a New Blockchain From Ex-Meta...

    Sui Network, a layer-1 blockchain created by ex-Meta (nee Facebook) engineers got a step closer to going live by announcing it has opened its testnet – a place...